Gentlemen you look good pretty good it could be better technically it’s not you it’s your hair it’s just not working for me. Well actually technically it’s not working for your face shape today that changes cuz I’m going over the five rules for picking the best hairstyle for your face.

Best Short Hairstyles for Men

First rule to pick the best hairstyle for your specific face shape is face shape identification five face shape options and you are one of them oval round diamond square and heart all right so with shape for you you’re still not sure no problem I got a trick what you need is a cell phone a blank wall all right what you need to do is take a selfie don’t smile right straight face about an arm’s length apart bang just like this and then what I want you to do is edit the photo in markup and then in markup. What I want you to do is start drawing the different face shapes I’m gonna go square a my square not really alright let’s try again a my circle no probably not what about diamond oh yes the super easy fun little thing to do guys you can try it after the video once you have identified what face shape you have then it’s time to move on to the second rule on dressed and complement gentlemen it’s all about contrasting the shape of your face alright so here’s what I’m talking about if you have a round face you need a hairstyle with more structure more rigid edges you don’t want something that’s too soft because it’s going to emphasize the roundness of your face your face is square very structured and angular you need a hairstyle that is a bit softer oval you’re kind of lucky because you can pretty much rock anything and it looks pretty good diamond heart shape dudes you need to avoid Bernie structured boxy cuts instead offers something with a little more volume a little more length to find cool hairstyles that complement your face shape I would just ask Google van with diamond shaped face and then check out the images you’re going to see a ton of really cool Styles when you find one that you think might look good your phone save it to your computer and then if you want to you can have a little fun and actually experiment my Microsoft Paint skills are next level now I know it looks good I’m gonna grow my hair out gentlemen once you decide that you are going to try one of the styles that you find I want you to save it to your phone and then move on to the third rule which is pick a barber or stylist to help you execute the plan so you find this super badass hairstyle that you want to try

I want you to save it to your phone and then I want you to go in and see your stylist or Barbara and show them what you’re going for now the one thing you need to be aware of barbers and stylists are very different barbers are very good at fading short tight Styles classic cuts stylists on the other hand are much better with length and texture if you’ve got curly or coarse hair they’re gonna be much better equipped in order to handle that but history of not listening like you’ll go in and be like I can’t want to do this and like oh yeah okay and they do the same normal cut you definitely should look for somebody else that the biggest mistakes that men make is that they’ll go they’ll get their hair cut and they won’t get direction on how to style it what I would recommend is bring your hair styling products with you when you go get your cut so if you’re using the P Pedro putty which is the best mat product on the market period and a pre style of sea salt bring him with you and have the stylists actually use your products as they style your hair and have them teach you how they’re doing it let them talk you through the process a fourth rule for selecting the best hairstyle for your face shape is upgrade your hair product size when it comes to hair product quality matters if you are using a product that is cheap that you find at the grocery store or drugstore chances are your hair is not looking as good as it possibly can the reason the products and the drugstore in grocery store so cheap is because they use cheap ingredients there is a huge difference when you actually try a high quality product in the way that your hair looks the way that it feels and how healthy your hair is guys if you’re looking for an incredible hair product you gotta check out the peen major putty this is our number one bestseller it’s what I use I actually use the priest styler sea salt spray which adds like just a crazy amount of texture and volume without making your hair stiff and hard and then I use the sea salt spray is after a shower ital dry my hair really well and then I hit it with about 4 to 5 squirts rub it in and then I will apply a little bit of Pete and Pedro putty and then emulsify.

Guys you got to make sure you are emulsifying your hair product the multiplication heats it up it activates it it also makes it a lot easier to run through your hair down my hair somedays I will just let it air dry and then I come in and do that and it will actually break it up and to lift the volume the texture is incredible some days I will actually use a blow dryer and then if I really don’t want my hair to move I’ll hit it with fries the peat invades your hair spray this stuff guys its new it’s a game changer it is unbelievable if you’re somebody who doesn’t want to keep like messing with their hair all day long and go into the mirror fixing it guys all you got to do style your hair get the fries give it a little bit of that bang it’s not moving like literally all freaking day long this stuff is incredible eyes there’s a link down below to Pete and Pedro calm go and check it out and then read the reviews we’ve got a ton of reviews on all these products that are going to help you make a more educated decision on what’s going to be best or right for your hair and if you’re not sure what product is going to be best for you or your style you can always use the hair styling aid recommendation tool where you tell us what style you’re going for how much shine and how strong the whole system will then generate a custom recommendation for you guys peen Pedro the products are incredible the quality is ridiculous not only do they work amazingly well they’re not like bad for your hair a lot of the cheap products you’re gonna find in stores have a super high alcohol content they’re going to be drawing and damaging.

For me I’m willing to spend a little bit more money in order to make sure that the product I’m using is not damaging or bad for my hair not to mention we just dropped a deuce gentleman this stuff. Oh game changer in your bathroom if you missed the video that I did talking about how to poop like a gentleman that video is listed and linked down below and last but certainly not least the fifth rule for picking the best hairstyle or your face shape is remember that rules were meant to be broken truth is the whole face shape hair style selection thing it’s a guide its guidelines its recommendations it’s not necessarily going to mean that it’s yes or no black or white that you can’t do this style if you’ve got a round face or square face you’ve been rocking the same cut the same style for the past like five ten years or even the same product it’s time to experiment try something new you’re gonna be amazed at how much people will be envious of you.