Shopping has a vital role to play in everyone’s lives, may it be for necessity, may it be for fun. Every travel programme is near incomplete without some shopping. Vancouver, a city in Canada is highly famous for its shopping destinations and the wide variety of products that the people get access to at these spots. Adding to the benefits is the lower Canadian dollar value, which is approximately 75 percent of the US Dollar value.

Vancouver is a pretty tourist destination and is heavenly for all those who do not have any problems with standard wet climate. A large old-fashioned of tourist feet fall every year has led to the growth of a number of great shopping destinations across the city. Apart from the standard US brand stores, the traditional shopping culture is the most significant aspect of all these shopping destinations that one can find across the city. However it is these shopping destinations that keep the charms of Vancouver alive and highlighted.


The following section enlists some the best destinations around Vancouver that every shopping buff must visit. All these shopping destinations are great for on-the-go shopping and in most cases have left behind the US brand stores owing to the great pricing of the products.
The list goes on as…


The destination houses probably the largest variety of products in the city. If time is a constraint, the place is a must visit. Restaurants, bars, pubs, craft vendors, unique shops and what not, the place is a treasury for all shopping maniacs. Eminent among the lot are the Granville Island Broom Co. where one can get custom designed brooms by using innovative methods. The traditional ones to the quirky designer ones, customers can find all varieties in the shop. Other common shops around the place include Net Loft, Paper Ya, Granville Island hat shop, Postcard Place and kids’ friendly shopping complexes like the Kids Market. Mostly the shops have their own websites to let the shoppers know about them. One can also find some great chocolates and deserts at the Rogers Chocolates.


In the downtown region of the city, one can find the Nordstrom and the place houses a great restaurant as well where one can enjoy some delicious cuisines by enjoying the amazing views from the restaurant. If the prices hurt, one can always move to Hudson’s Bay Co. department store often referred to as the Bay. A shop by the title Holt Renfrew caters to the posh desires of the customers by storing some high end designer goods. The Robson street in the locality is considered to be one of the best shopping street in Vancouver.


The locality is one of the residential regions of the town with the shops storing a variety of antique goods. J&J Antiques is one such shop where one can find a great collection of vintage gramophones. The shops are pretty old fashioned. Apart from antique shops, the destination also has a good number of gift shops. Some of the most famous shops include The GivingGifts, Barefoot Contessa, Nineteen Ten Home Boutique, the Regional Assembly of Text and so on.


The place has its repute for its fashionable and funky goods. However, currently the place is marked by some athletic and outdoor clothing chains. One can find some great leather products in a shop by the title Roots outpost. A great range of gift items are available at Oh My Gift. One can also find a great number of gold shops eminent out of which is the shop by the name 18 Karat.

One can also find kitchen accessories in the shopping destination.


All these shopping destinations would surely provide the shoppers with some unparalleled shopping experience. The wide variety of goods and the low pricing is the primary advantage of all these marketplaces. Be ready to get an experience of a lifetime and loose yourselves at one of these shopping destinations at Vancouver.