Three important reasons why building your personal brand in 2019 and Beyond. This is crucial and is directly related to your bottom line so reason number one what gets seen gets sold I recently saw that in one of my comments on Instagram from a follower when I asked why would you invest in your personal branding right and that is that comes the bottom line my friends if you’re going to hide behind a logo if you’re gonna hide behind a website.

Pushing your Personal Brand

If you’re gonna hide behind a brand because you’re afraid to put yourself out there you’re gonna put yourself into the commodity category which means you’re gonna be easily replaceable and easily disposable okay so you want to put yourself out there because that leads me into reason number two your personal brand is your X Factor.

It is your differentiation between everybody else in the marketplace that’s doing what you’re doing so you want to really stand yourself out from the crowd by really invest you getting very self-aware what do you stand for what do you not stand for.

Drawing that line in the sand bringing out that personality that you don’t think you might have right now but I bet you if I’d pushed your buttons you’re personally your personality would be coming out screaming I can promise you that I could promise you that so when you put yourself out there right that is the differentiating factor people are going to say hmm that person I can resonate with why because they have the same values as me they have the same mission they see through the same lens right and that is going to help you connect this personal branding is all about connection between you and your audience people are gonna resonate people are not gonna resonate and that’s okay that is the point that’s what we want to do we really want to repel the non-believers and attract the folks that are aligned with how we see the world right it’s much easier to work with those people who already believe they may just be looking for the guidance.

I talk about this a lot because it’s so important which leads me to my third tip and my third point why it’s so important to be investing in your personal brand in 2018 and Beyond it’s because people continuously do business with people okay there needs to be a human to human connection look at all the big brands out there that are absolutely crushing they’re crushing it because there is a person identity behind that brand

okay it may look at look at progressive insurance they have slow look at Geico insurance they have the gecko it may not be a real person but it’s a it’s a personal brand the gecko has its own personality it has its own characteristics it has its own personality right that is what’s going to drive connection if you’re not putting yourself out there there’s nothing nothing people can connect with you know when I was first developing my personal brand I was being mentored by a coach and this coach said to me Henry you’re one of the misses when I was doing a lot of hands-on graphic design work still right I was working in in my business instead of on it but I digress right one of the things that he told me was you got the design the graphic design skill set down I haven’t seen anybody that could design like you that you have nailed the thing that’s missing in this beautiful website is you you don’t exist you’re hiding behind all these beautiful these beautiful designs but there’s no you and you have this big bold personality that people would love to be inspired by but it’s nowhere to be found on social media it’s nowhere to be found on your website or on your online presence the minute I got that awareness I went all-in and I just put myself out there I talk about my vulnerabilities

Importance of Personal Branding

I talk about my successes I talk about the goods the bads the Uglies and people can really connect with me as a person a lot of times people say I hired you because I love you I love your energy I love your focus I love your determination you feel like the right fit for me that’s it my friends when you continue to do that on a consistent basis you are going to grow your personal brand exponentially and a hell of a lot faster so I hope you take these three concepts and you start to really digest them and integrate them into your DNA I’m telling you right now if you’re not putting yourself out there in 2018 and beyond your competition will and they’re gonna scoop up the market share because people are gonna connect with them and not you.

Don’t let that happen because that’s a major major problem for your personal branding gropes the success of your business and the success and the of your revenues and profits in the future.