So you heard about the Apple Watch.  You know it was a big deal everyone was talking about it. I never really ended up wearing it every day I stuck to my classic G-Shock as you can see right here, and there’s a reason for that I like a bigger watch. I like a tougher watch. I don’t want to baby this stuff around I don’t want to you know treat. It like it belongs in a jewelry box.

It’s nice I’m glad it’s stainless steel and all that, but I’m not really a fancy type of dude I mean If it comes to my gadget sometimes maybe I want to kick it a little bit fancy but for the most part I’m rugged I’m banging it. I found this the Lunatik epik Rugged protection for Apple watch, this is the the military version of the apple watch if such a thing existed So this guy fits around the standard watch and makes it more like this one more like a g-shot So if you like me, and you like something on your wrist like this Represents you a little bit better.

Maybe this is the middle ground right here, so let’s crack it open and see If we’re feeling just to touch more manly then when we got here I know that’s hard to iMagine oh Man, I like it already I look how Fat that strap is this is what I’m talking about man. What’s it saying here reinforced polycarbonate? Impact absorbing pads rugged Canvas field strap soft suede backing look at what I’m saying to see even this got bigger over here Comparatively speaking you see now. We’re in the right neighborhood There was probably a tool or something in there that I threw away Yes, do not overtighten rules words to live by Okay, little wrench in here many of you know the apple watch it already has removable bands. They kind of just slide out They just slide out like that I actually replace the band on this one with this cool leather one put one on one side one on the other That’s my guess right now.

Just a good old-fashioned watchmaker here, okay, we’re going to pull this out Easy I did a DIY video on how I got this strap. That’s not from Apple onto the Apple watch I’ll link that if you want to go check it out But that’s not quite as easy very small little pins these are more robust here All right slides right in there like . Yes, sir, and then this one over like that feed this guy through Just get it to that snug get it to that snug, and then leave it alone move on with your life There we go now look at the difference now. Oh look at this the crown works see that Now your unobstructed as far as touching the actual device as well You still have access here the microphone is a cutout for the grille This thing is a lot less elegant than it used to be and that’s what I like. That’s what I’m going for here Here’s a g-shock Comparatively speaking. Oh now.

You’re probably wondering what about charging it look at the cutout the back boom Didn’t change your life at all now you just need to be a lot less nervous about your apple watch right oh, man look Does that not look like it just suits me more immediately for me.

You know that’s what I’m going for like I said nothing too Fancy or delicate just As you know on a higher-end apple watch you’re already working with a much more durable display You’ve got the the sapphire infused type of glass.

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